About Us

OBSYSS was founded to make luxury timepieces available to everyone. Specialists from the watch industry came together and came up with the idea to take swiss design & manufacturing principles and bring them to the east where they apply them to locally sourced components and materials, creating truly unique products that costs a fraction of the price.

OBSYSS has no traditional watch dealerships and does not advertise on tv or billboards. You can't walk into any store and find our product on display. We prefer an exclusive approach, we only sell directly via online stores, word of mouth, and personal referrals. Our focus is not to sell as many watches as possible but rather to only sell the highest quality watch at an affordable price. We believe that if we manage to do this, then the word of mouth will bring us more business than any traditional advertising campaign.

We are a young company with very few sales and marketing employees. That's why every single person working in our company wears one of the OBSYSS watches. We are all very proud to wear a watch that we have been a part of designing and manufacturing.

Our Vision:

The idea was initially brought up while over drinks with friends over what can be done to make luxury timepieces more accessible or how they could be made more affordable. It started off as an idea that we thought would never see the light of day but then it evolved into something more than that, a vision - to create timepieces for all kinds of people regardless of sex, age, social class, or any other distinction.

We believe luxury watches should be available for everyone and not just reserved for those with the deepest pockets. We believe in the vision that we can create timepieces that can be passed down from one generation to another while still improving every year with the newest technology and materials available.

Our Goal:

We want to make our customers feel like a million bucks without having to spend it and we're well on our way to achieving this goal. We want to make buying timepieces as easy as ordering a book on amazon by offering free shipping, 30 days money-back guarantee & 2-year warranty.

Our Team:

The OBSYSS team is composed of specialists with decades of experience in the design and development of high-end watches. The three founders met each other at one of the leading watch companies where they worked for several years. They later went on to start their own microbrand company and designed & manufactured their first collection in one of the best manufacturing facilities in Asia.

If you buy OBSYSS you support equality for all.