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Men's Watch Guide - The Best Men's Watches to Buy in 2021

Men's Watch Guide - The Best Men's Watches to Buy in 2021 | Obsyss

Even though the world has gone digital, there are still lots of people who prefer a traditional analog watch. Men’s watches have become more than just a timepiece; they are also a form of personal expression and style statement. There are many different types and styles available so it is important to know what you want before buying one! In this blog post we will discuss some of the best watches for men in 2021 and how to find them.

Before you start, here are a few watch buying tips to keep in mind:

* The best time to buy a watch is when it goes on sale. Watches tend to go on sale at the end of the year or during other big shopping periods such as Black Friday, typically around November and December. It's also possible that stores will offer clearance sales through the entire year.

* Consider the style of watch that you want.

Some people like to wear their watches 24/hours a day, while others only wear them at certain times during the day. Some styles are better for formal occasions such as business meetings and work events, while other styles are more casual in nature - which is perfect for everyday life.

* Consider the size of your wrist.

It's important that you get a watch with an adjustable band and one that is long enough to fit snugly around your wrist, so it doesn't fall off during normal day-to-day activities such as working out or washing dishes in the kitchen.

Now, we've put together a list of some great watches that we think any man would love to get their hands on.

#1. OBSYSS® Supreme Fashion Watch For Men

This watch is popular fashion trendsetter in high-end luxury and street lineage. It’s a brand ambassador for both the supreme style in the marketplace and for haute luxury allure.

The watch features strong scratch resistant mineral casing, luminous watch pointers, and the coolest part of all - an electronic horoscope window displaying alternate day/night. This exquisite timepiece also maintains excellent anti-fogging features and water-proof up to 30 meters.

All make this timepiece the 'go anywhere - do anything contender' for men on the move.

#2. OUPINKE® Men Skeleton Watch

The skeleton design of this OUPINKE® watch is truly remarkable.

This luxurious hollow watch with an exclusive patent-protected design will make you stand out in any crowd.

OUPINKE® Men Skeleton Watch combines high quality materials with sleek functionality for an ultra-stylish accessory to make any woman blush behind her wine glass at dinner party. The cool skeleton casing, high quality tungsten steel strap, and butterfly double buckle makes you sexier than ever before.

#3. JSDUN® All-In-One Mechanical Watch

This JSDUN® Classic mechanical wonder is the Swiss Army Knife of watches.

It has all-time features on one watch face: month, week, date, day/night, and of course, time.

This understated luxury timepiece surely makes other watches jealous. It's designed with great features such as the 50-meter waterproof, scratch resistant casing, and luminous function. With accurate mechanical Japanese movements this All In One Watch has been designed not only for trendy people in mind, but anyone who wants precise time keeping with minimalistic design.

This stylish piece will have you set for life.

#4. OBSYSS® Transparent Mechanical Watch

This watch is the most unique watch Obsyss has ever found, and it's guaranteed to win you over right away!

It's a handsome watch for A REAL MAN. Just like what you see in a real gentleman, the watch is charming, transparent, genuine, simple, and no BS.

It's also a watch for the sailors, because wearing it makes you feel like 'the captain of your own fate'. A gorgeous golden spring steel attracts attention with every glance at your wrist, and remains grounded in an elegant anchor on its back. It features a stainless steel casing that withstands 30 meters for water depth as well as luminous pointers that are showing you the way on dark days of all times.

'The ship is safe in the harbor, but it's not what it's made for.'

Get this watch, be the real man, and the captain of your life!

#5. OBSYSS® New Classic Mechanical Watch

This hot sales model is a classic mechanical watch for men walking in the forefront of fashion.

Have the time taken care of in an instant with our OBSYSS® men's watch complete with the moon phase design, 21k vacuum gold plating, 316L solid steel trap case, and stainless steel case which provides all-day wearability.

This meticulously crafted Swiss watch dazzles from across the room, drawing in admiring glances with its flashy gold trim and engrossing features. From underwater adventures to those late night brainstorming sessions on your new idea, this piece will make you feel like you're pulling off suave even when you're actually lounging at home. You'll find yourself checking-and-unchecking it with the ever ticking seconds as they fly by because you are wearing a watch that demonstrates art to the extreme.

If you want to spoil yourself or show the ultimate care to your loved ones, this is your perfect choice.

#6. OLEVS® Timeless Classic Mechanical Watch

This handsome fellow features an irresistible combination of timeless spiraling, shining zircon embellishments and patented dual calendar display for his convenience that will have him drooling all over it like no other.

The Roman numerals will make even a rough day at work seem tame with its sophistication and sleek design. Don’t be deceived by the metal construction for it is waterproof - your adventures should not be limited by fear! And it features a nice luminous display to the hour and minute hand for those nighttime adventures where we may or may not be taking our phone with us.

#7. OBSYSS® Royal Mechanical Watch

"There's no fun in being average."

Unlike any other, the OBSYSS® Royal Mechanical Watch For Men has captivating features you’ve never seen before and will always be in style. Wear your status for everyone to see with this show-stopping watch straight from a royal palace.

This watch is the perfect interpretation of royalty and classic between the wrist. Your royal elegance will be showcased with each turn of your wrist.

Coming in its distinctive Shiny color finish that no one can resist, it includes an elegant domineering texture on the dial to highlight your high class personality so others know you mean serious business!

#8. LIGE® Classic Sports Watch

This is not a watch, but rather an ultimate expression of your identity.

The most advanced amazing features include shock resistant, automatic moon phase display, water resistant, anti-magnetic, luminous pointers with stopwatch function in an intricate dial mixed with modern and traditional elements.

It is for you if you want to show your gentleman's confidence and style with the impeccable details from this classic timepiece.

#9. Winner® Luxury Mechanical Watch

This rare hard to find men's Swiss made watch has the ultimate luxurious look. It has a fashion gold color with luminous mechanical skeleton. Unique royal design with diamonds on the edge, and transparent dial on the back side of the watch.

With its shining 18k gold plating, this high quality timepiece will make you feel like royalty every single day at work or hanging out in your free time. Explore all our collection of gorgeous watches for discerning modern gentlemen who are looking for style excellence and impeccable craftsmanship while wearing their wristwatch day in and day out.

#10. TEVISE® Classic Retro Mechanical Watch

This is a watch that will be cherished for years to come. It’s not just an accessory, it’s a symbol of your style and personality. With its classic hollow retro design and impeccable German craftsmanship, this watch is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The TEVISE® Mechanical Watch has everything you need in a timepieces - from it’s 50-meter waterproof casing to its luminous function - while still maintaining an elegant look with some of the most amazing features on the market today.

The perfect gift for your dad or grandfather because this product was made with them in mind with effortless taste that can't be found anywhere else on this earth. This one-of-a-kind watch will make him feel valued and respected the moment he sees it because it exhibits character and craftsmanship as the best expression of your love and care to him.

Above is a list of our favorite choices in timepieces. Each has its unique style. Hopefully there's one there you're looking for!

Quick Guide:

#1. OBSYSS® Supreme Fashion Watch For Men

#2. OUPINKE® Men Skeleton Watch

#3. JSDUN® All-In-One Mechanical Watch

#4. OBSYSS® Transparent Mechanical Watch

#5. OBSYSS® New Classic Mechanical Watch

#6. OLEVS® Timeless Classic Mechanical Watch

#7. OBSYSS® Royal Mechanical Watch

#8. LIGE® Classic Sports Watch

#9. Winner® Luxury Mechanical Watch

#10. TEVISE® Classic Retro Mechanical Watch

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